CREATIVE DRIP is a luxury streetwear brand known for its innovative designs driven by culture and couture. Urban, artistic and one-of-a-kind, we create to convert art into fashion.

 Started in 2019, our style is a balanced composition on fabric that intertwines streetwear, art and luxury. CREATIVE DRIP is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. 

 â€śThis is where the hood and high fashion meet” -Jay Z 

Our story began in 2019 in a small studio space in the busy city of Los Angeles, CA. Our passion for unique design and collaboration brought our vision, and products, to life. 

Our designs combine the finest materials with captivating design to create something truly unique. We believe in quality, care, and the creation of one-of-a-kind products that everyone can love and appreciate. Each product is colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see every day. It represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope they inspire you as well. 

Inspired by both streetwear and luxury couture fashion, Creative Drip combines conventional method with innovative techniques to create stylish and creative statement apparel that will last beyond the season.


Drina J is a LA-based Fashion Designer who isn't afraid to experiment with patterns, fabrics and textures. These principles and values are reflected in every collection and piece she creates. Her intuitive sense of style and dedication is what led her brand’s fast-paced growth since its inception in 2019. 

 Drina mixes elements of art, music, and her cultural surroundings into her design, resulting in a fascinating experience simply by looking at her work. *She believes that clothing is art, and art is self-expression.* This shows in her bold and distinctive prints as well as the exciting collaborations CREATIVE DRIP has been fortunate to be part of.